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I try to look at all the reasons and logic to other viewpoints to see why things are done which I don’t understand. But after reason this article, I am only further convinced that: vegan is DUMB
Stupidity is printed right into the article. It says “humans ate mainly plant food”, so “logically it follows” that avoiding meat completely is beneficial? How does it make sense that if our bodies are designed for both, we should go all extreme and cut out eggs, dairy and anything else that ever touched an animal? People seem to be splitting into two: those who follow fast food commercials and want to eat ONLY meat with cheese dripping all over it, and those who want to eat only vegetation. Whatever happened to balance?
The article says it is because “historically humans were gatherers not hunters” this has nothing to do with what they gathered! There are four types: Gatherer, Parasite (mooching directly off other organisms), Scavenger (taking other’s leftovers), Hunter. Vegans think being a gatherer means you can’t gather eggs or grubs or other non-vegetables? So when they say “historically”, to which history are they referring? There is no historical reference as to where they came up with this.
Who knows when was the last time the human genetic line ever ate vegetation-only, or IF ever. You may go so far back in the evolutionary tree that we would no longer be considered humans, before that happens. Or it may not happen at all: I seem to remember some primate or another picking ants out of a hill and eating them: not vegetation.
There is no evidence that humans are not “designed to” eat non-vegetable matter (meat OR eggs/dairy). Even if any were found, evolution changes everything constantly, so if one wants to pretend that we started out veg-only, DNA changes so much over time, that it becomes completely irrelevant what we used to do that far back in time. Our bodies have changed much since the days of Neanderthal!
They still do not answer why milk and eggs are bad. Even bunnies have been known to take milk from goats while they are both free, in a field. So that breaks their rule of “found in nature.” Indians consume dairy. (india-indians)
As for torturing animals I agree that farming should go back to the way it was, there’s no point in torturing them to get as much as you possibly can out of them. Its extreme. Vegan say even eggs/dairy is keeping the animals from living ‘free lives’. They want to go back far enough in time to when the human life span was 30 because humans were killed by their own prey. That is the last time we didn’t have husbandry or penning in animals in some form or another.
Farming goes back so far that to revert to that time seems extreme and unreal. The more important thing would be getting animals out of torture factories and into open space farms. After that I don’t even think the animals care. As long as the lives they lead until that moment are peaceful and well taken care of.
So I conclude that the hippies smoked too much “vegetation” before they made up a bunch of ill-conceived logic (hence the term ill-logical), then act like it’s a religion that the rest of us are being evil heretics about. I actually am against vegans because they promote extremist thinking. There is no balance. They would have us cut out too much of the variety we were given on this earth for reasons they made up. The other extreme is how humans already think they are above animals so much so that they do not consider themselves animals. This further promotes separation between humans and animals, denying that we are animals, and have interdependent on each other. Veganism is ignorance disguised as health and self-righteousness.

Instincts to Squelch

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Never felt like i had to run away from myself
before I met you
you make me want to do everything i can to hide who I am.

It kills me to feel this way.

Because there is no running away -the instincts run too deep, too strong.

The art you perfected, To be fake like you. I can’t.


I no longer fear rejection

Lust gives audacity to the easily shamed

It lends eloquence to the awkwardly worded

A survival instinct, it kicks in automatically

Turning you from a wrecked Ford, to a brand new Mercedes

Whatever it takes to play that game

Fear is a luxury

and I cannot afford to fear Myself.